“The Good Doctor”

The Brian Lehrer Show
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Fathers and Sons and Medical Ethics

Barron Lerner discusses his new book, “The Good Doctor” on the Don Imus Radio Show

Drunk Driving

Barron Lerner discusses his book, “One for the Road” on the Don Imus Radio Show

U.S. Behind the Curve in Drunk Driving, “All Things Considered,” NPR

Should Washington Get Tougher on DUIs? KUOW radio, Seattle

Breast Cancer

Barron Lerner discusses his book “The Breast Cancer Wars” with Terry Gross on
NPR’s “Fresh Air”

Barron Lerner Discusses Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment

More Not Always Better When Treating Cancer, “Talk of the Nation,” NPR

Famous Patients

Barron Lerner discusses his book “When illness Goes Public” with Dr. Mehmet Oz

How Do Celebrity Patients Affect Treatment? “Talk of the Nation,” NPR